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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Blast, Giveaway and more: The Warriors Awakened, Operation Genome, #1 by @CyberPeacock


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covergifTitle: The Warriors Awakened
Series: Operation Genome, #1
Author: CS Patra
Genre: Science Fiction/Paranormal
Audience: YA and up
Formats: E-book and Paperback
Publisher: CS Patra
Cover By: Catherine
Editor: Lauren Spieller
Pages: 200 pages
ISBN: 978-1492175483
ASIN: 149217548X
Date Published: 11 April, 2014

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Joe, Lowell, Eugene, Chuck, Reiko, Ally, Sam, and Megan were a part of the test. They were designed to destroy the human race.
Now they are going to save the world that is desperate to get rid of them.
For the last couple of years, humans have been trying to perfect themselves by creating the perfect human being. They ran tests on children to see just how far they could go with their experiments. Parents lined up at the door, all willing to make their child become the perfect human. It seemed to be the perfect plan until a horrible truth was unleashed. A group known as Operation: Genome had plans for their experiments that didn’t involve saving mankind. Instead, they were hoping to take the world. The experiments would be known as Frozen Warriors until they were summoned by their creators. Once they awoke, all Hell would break loose and destruction would follow. By the time most of the people found out this truth, it was too late to go back. All they could do was hope for a miracle.
Years would pass before some of the Frozen Warriors started to wake up. In the midst of it all was Chuck Everett, a genius child desperate to get attention from his father, and seven of his childhood friends. They begin to notice strange things happening to them and they stumble across something they should never have seen. As the truth begins to unfold, Chuck and his friends come to a decision about their futures. They realize they have to fight. They know they were made to go into war.
They’re just fighting for the other side.

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A long time ago, mankind made a grave mistake.
But it hadn’t been a mistake from the start. What they had been trying to do was keep more mistakes from happening. Come present day, the numbers of problems were rising. Wars in various countries. Famine. Poverty. Disease. All of which they wanted to put an end to once and for all. Danger was only spreading further so they decided to come up with the ultimate plan: build a race designed only for saving mankind.
It wasn’t something they had hoped for or wanted from the very beginning. They weren’t even sure that this was a mistake when it started. They were sure they were doing the right thing for humanity. As technology started to advance, they decided to advance their own race. After all, people had played with genetics before. They had successfully crossbred living creatures. So why couldn’t they try to make their own race stronger? That was where the visions started.
It was a very simple plan that went on for years. Several scientists named themselves “SH” (Save Humanity) and came up with an idea that would change genetics. A group of newborns would be subjected to tests and observed. Their DNA would be altered and they would be given powers that most people didn’t have. As time passed, their bodies would change. They would develop powers slowly and wouldn’t be able to control them until they were between the ages of 13 and 25. Until that point, they would be known as “Frozen Warriors.” But when they came to terms with their abilities, they would become “Awakened Warriors” and would be gathered to help mankind be rid of the terrors that plagued them.
But not everyone had the same idea. An opposite group called “Operation: Genome” decided that this power could not be used to save mankind. A person with such powers had to have bigger goals and desires. So they began their own plans to start a rebel group of Frozen Warriors. Many separated from SH in secret and went to join Operation: Genome for their own purposes. Once word of this got out, both sides found themselves at war and were sure that the third World War was coming. It would be between the Awakened Warriors and anyone who got in their way. Those that survived this war would determine what would happen with the world. It seemed to be destiny, so both sides created more Frozen Warriors. Only time would tell just how strong they would be.
Yet there was a small bit of hope. Prior to the ties between both sides being broken, scientists had created two scrolls: one silver and one gold. The silver was said to push back the darkness while the gold was to bring forth the light. Only a true warrior would be able to use these scrolls. When the time was right, the right person would use those scrolls to fix what had been broken. They could only hope that the scrolls fell into the right person’s hands.
For now, it was nothing more than a waiting game. Neither side interacted with each other again and made sure to keep their secrets locked up. All they could do was hope that their warriors would be the ones who would prevail in the end. Their destinies were determined and no one could break out of them.
Or so they believed.

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imageChuck Everett
The main protagonist of the story, Chuck is the only child of Dr. Jonathan Everett and the late Isabel Montoya Everett. In his words, he is an inventor, chemist, mechanical engineer, and computer hacker rolled in one. Extremely intelligent, he is considered a genius by his friends though his IQ is never stated. He has a crush on a girl named Gwendolyn at his school but can barely look at her to say hi. What he lacks in physical strength, he makes up with his creativity and ability to make new gadgets. He’s desperate to get his father’s attention but he rarely succeeds there. His friends often tease him for being a nerd but each one secretly admires his intelligence. He has the ability to teleport, something that showed up when he was younger. His father tried to hide this by claiming Chuck had a sleepwalking problem. Although his power is the least stable of all, he comes up with ways to control it.
imageJoe Carr
Originally from Minnesota, Joe moved to New York shortly after he found a job opportunity there. He technically lives in New Jersey but drives into the city all the time for work and to see his friends. Though in his early twenties, he’s the oldest of the group and often acts like a big brother. Everyone considers him the leader even though he never asked to be one. While he gets annoyed with them from time to time, he also sees how strong they are and does his best to keep them in line. He has the ability to read anyone’s mind as well as drain people of their energy with the touch of his hand. He wears a bracelet that keeps him from doing that (which he thought was originally to warn people of his allergies). In the beginning, he isn’t thrilled about his circumstances but soon decides that he wants to use his powers to help others.
imageLowell Barrow
Lowell is a student at NYU and is working towards his Bachelor’s degree. The rest of his family is in Texas and he sees them when he is on break. He is fascinated with history, especially Asian and Middle Eastern history, and wishes to do something in regards to that. He is quite a neat freak and likes to cook though he rarely has time for the latter. The second oldest in the group, Lowell is considered to be the realist. He does not jump into conclusions if they can’t be explained by logic. He’s unwilling to get involved at first but soon jumps in when he realizes what’s going on. His shadow and reflection have the ability to leave him and attack anyone he tells them to. He also gets them to help him with chores when he needs them.
Eugene Bowlerimage
Eugene is Lowell’s roommate and best friend to Chuck. He’s a little more optimistic than the others in the group and would do anything to make people smile. His parents divorced not too long ago and people suspect that this is the reason why he tries to stay positive. Despite his laid-back nature, Eugene can be serious if needed. He will stand up for what he believes in and he protects his friends and family at all costs. His power is super speed and he is the first one to get a good grasp of his ability. He uses his ability a lot more than the others even if it just to get from class to class.
imageReiko Nara
At eighteen, Reiko just entered Columbia as a freshman and is studying chemistry. She’s very bright though she does struggle in her classes. She is still trying to find her way around in life and in college. She has a very gothic style and likes wearing mostly neutral colors like black, gray, and white. She is extremely fond of art and can sometimes be seen at museums and small galleries. Her family lives in Queens, which makes traveling from class and home easy for her. She has a small crush on Chuck ever since he first helped her. She has the ability to control the elements as well as telekinesis. Her power is said to be stronger than the others. It also can become unstable if she ever were to lose to control.


Ally Parkerimage
Alec “Ally” Parker is a junior in high school. His favorite thing in the world to do is watch his favorite cartoon, Bringing Pluto Back to the Solar System. He often bothers everyone else by quoting things from it. Smart and eager to learn, he’s curious about Operation: Genome and its purpose. He is the oldest of triplets and originally grew up in Florida. Recently, he discovered that he and his sisters had been adopted. His parents haven’t told him this and he hasn’t told his sisters. He hopes that they will approach him on this one day. He has the ability to heal quickly, which makes him realize he might be immortal. He also feels that there’s more to his power than not being able to die.


imageSam Mahanti
Samantha “Sam” Mahanti is a junior in high school and classmate to Ally. She lives in Brooklyn and considers herself a Hindu. Although she isn’t extremely devout, she does attend events at the Hindu Temple and often prays right before events or battles. She’s the middle of nine children and the only girl. Though she is overweight, the only time this bothers her is when her mother rags on her about it. Sharp-tongued and hot-tempered, Sam is one the first one’s ready for battle. She is usually the first tease her friends and the first to defend them. She is a shape-shifter. Though she is the least-experienced with her power, she successfully manages to pull off two changes without anyone noticing.


Megan Pattersonimage
A freshman in high school, Megan is the youngest of the group. The daughter of a rock star, she currently lives with grandmother and only sees her father now and then. He purposely let her stay in New York so she could be safe from the paparazzi and grow up to have a normal life. She is on the swim team and soccer team at school. She also enjoys skateboarding when the weather is good outside. She is openly gay but not dating anyone at the moment. Despite being much younger than the others, they take everything she says into consideration and never treat her differently. Her ability is to extend her arms and legs to incredible lengths. Though afraid that it might be hurting her bones, she soon learns to get used to them.



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2 x E-Copies of The Reapers Apprentice by CS Patra
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C.S. Patra has been writing for a very long time and has books lined to be published in the next few years. Previously, she had written poetry books before releasing a novel under her real name, Lengths for Love. She released her fist book series but certainly not her last. Currently, she is with California Times Publishing. She lives in NC with her family.





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