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Monday, July 6, 2015

Book Blast - Save Yourself by H.G. Lynchby @HGLynch @sparklebooktour

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Save Yourself by H.G. Lynch
Audience: New Adult - Genre: Paranormal Romance - Format: Ebook - Publisher: Vamptasy - Cover by: H.G. Lynch - Editor: Catherine Stovall - Pages: 172 - ASIN: B00ZDDPZ5E - Date Published: 11/6/15
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As an Incubus, Brogan feeds on Lust to survive, but he has a darker Hunger he struggles to repress. When his dangerous uncle comes around begging for help, Brogan is sucked back into a world he thought he'd escaped.
Kester has never understood her best friend Evie's need for one night stands with strangers - until she meets Brogan. With his dark hair and enthralling eyes, he awakens a desperate craving inside her. But one night isn't enough, and when she can't resist him, Kester is pulled into his dark and violent world.
When lust becomes addiction, and being in Brogan's life means putting hers on the line, Kester might just have to save herself from him.

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Every Second



He hooked his arms around my hips, lifting me up, and I reflexively wrapped my legs around his waist. Brogan grinned at me, dark and sexy, and said, “I’ve been imagining this since the minute I saw you in that club.”
I bit my lip, refusing to admit I’d imagined it too, every night in my dreams.
As if he was reading my mind, he whispered darkly, “I know you’ve thought about it too. But how exactly did you picture it? Did you imagine me taking you against the wall? On the bed? The floor? On your knees?”
I swallowed, his words painting erotic pictures in my head.
He chuckled seductively, leaned close to my ear, and murmured, “I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m going to fuck you every single way you can think of, and a few more you can’t even imagine. And you’re going to love every second of it.”
I think my heart literally stopped beating, just for a second.

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about the author

H.G. Lynch is a Scottish Paranormal Romance author, avid reader, and cat-lover. She spends most of her days writing, while wrestling her cat, Sooki, off her laptop. She believes that chocolate cake can save the world, and is highly caffeine-addicted. She can occasionally be found rolling on the floor, laughing manically, when having consumed too much caffeine. She loves horse-riding, Star Trek, and snow.
Her books are dark fantasy romances, usually with a bad boy and a bad girl. Sometimes with zombies, sometimes vampires, sometimes other things.

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