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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Book Spotlight! Unnatural by Author Leah D.W


Book Spotlight


clip_image002Book Info -

Title: Unnatural by Leah D.W

Genre: Paranormal

Audience: Young Adult

Formats: Paperback and Ebook

Publisher: Bayou Brew Publishing

Cover By: Paradox Book Covers

Editor: Monique O'Connor James

Pages: 228 pages

ISBN-10: 1483990478

ISBN-13: 978-1483990477


Date Published: 31 March 2013

Blurb -

Witches scheming in the night,

Werewolves hunting during a full moon,

A vampires eyes ever watching...

This collection of short stories is filled with the dark tales of the supernatural and the powerful. Roaring dragons wings shadow the skies and ghosts aren't as deadly as rumors may tell.

Enter a world of the paranormal, but be warned: not all fairy tales end in a happily ever after.

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Excepts –

I concentrated, focusing my mind and spirit to the centre of my being, near my beating heart and then all at once let myself go.The change always hurt in the beginning. A warm spark flared in the middle of my forehead and then travelled down my body, lighting tiny sparks of heat along my limbs. My scales would sizzle and start sliding off of me in large dark globs of melted armour. I would always close my eyes. To watch the transformation nauseated me so much I would get stuck in the middle of it; between my beastly form and my birth form.

“What is this place?” Zoey asked, holding Percy close.

“Haven’t you seen a dungeon before?” the man chuckled and walked to the far end of the cages.

Zoey slowly followed, looking at each and every cage she passed. Some had dried blood or even fresh blood in them and on the sandy walls of their backs. Zoey suddenly wished she had turned around and ran for it. She bumped into the man. He had stopped and she had been too distracted to notice. He turned to her and lifted an eyebrow down at her. His dark eyes swam with blue clouds, swirling round and round. Her breath caught in her throat and she stepped back, bumping into Percy. He didn’t seem to find anything at fault. He gave her a smile that came across as friendly and turned his back to her again. She wrapped her hand around Percy’s collar. Her hands trembled as a single word crossed her mind.



The mark on her forehead pulsed and she lightly touched it. When she looked down at her pale fingers they were stained brightly with her red blood. It was bleeding again. Pain pounded behind her eyes and she fell forward, catching her weight on the window sill.

Anna gasped as she ignored the fresh pain and looked at her hand that had slipped past the shield Haven had put up. She could feel his magic trying to block it, but it only turned cold instead of pushing her back.

She grinned. She let the pain from her mark wash over her and the rest of her hand slowly crept out of the window. Anna clenched her teeth as the pain became like a lick of hot oil over her skin. Soon she managed to slip her entire body out of the shield.

She dropped down to the dew covered grass below the window, her heart pounding in her chest. She let her hands graze over the ground and her lips curved into a smile.

She ran.

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