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Monday, September 23, 2013

Character Interview between Veronica and Remy from Deamhan by Isaiyan Morrison

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The first time I met Remy, I walked through the front doors of Dark Sepulcher, on a mission to find out what happened to my mother. A lot had changed since then. Now I find myself living in Blind Bluff Manor, a sanctuary owned by a human, Nathan Tiernan. There's so much wrong with that concept.

Nathan and I are the only two humans living here among three Deamhan. Hallie, who has still yet to understand her new life, Anastasia, a Ramanga who doesn't want anything to do with me, and Remy, the charmer.

Remy agreed to sit down for the interview on the condition that I ask him questions that he felt would benefit our friendship. Confused by what he meant, I agreed to the interview.

Veronica: First of all, I'd like to thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. In a few words, could you tell us little bit about yourself.

Remy: Thank you for having me Veronica. My name is Remy. I currently reside at Blind Bluff Manor and I'm a Lamia Deamhan. Are you going to ask me what that is?

Veronica: Um, yes in a little bit. But first, what can you tell me about the day you were sired?

He slowly crosses his legs and his lips pull back slowly into a smirk.

Remy: Oh, that time was a difficult time. Revolts, uprisings, protests, murders, deaths.

Veronica: What exactly was occurring?

Remy: The French Revolution of 1848, my dear. The under privileged classes raised up against their government and its mistreatment of the people.

Veronica: So how did you fit into it this movement? Did you protest during this time?

Remy: I wouldn't call it a movement. Veronica, that is a long, boring topic and I'm sure you don't want to focus on that. Let's talk about now, shall we?

Veronica: I think this is an important time in your life Remy. It's worth mentioning.

His eyes narrow and his smirk disappears from his face.

Remy: Believe me. It's not worth talking about. Besides, that doesn't beat the good, juicy stuff happening now, does it?

Veronica: Excuse me?

He leans in closer to me.

Remy: This is my interview, isn't it? I like to believe that I'm an interesting individual with interesting obsessions. I'm full of surprises. Why don't you ask me what I think about you?

Veronica: Fine. What do you think about me Remy?

Remy: You're interesting concoction, my dear Veronica . When I first saw you I thought to myself that I had to have you. The night you ran out of Dark Sepulcher, scared that I might . . . eat you- I only wanted to get to know you, that's all.

Veronica: I'm not to be had by anyone Remy. I'm not some science experiment.

He moves in closer. By now I'm starting to feel uncomfortable and I realize that this interview isn't going to go the way I planned.

Remy: Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. So, what do you think about me?

Veronica: I don't think you want to know.

Remy: Try me.

Veronica: Well, I find you menacing and disgusting. I don't appreciate the way you stalk me here, invading my privacy and space. We all know that Deamhan don't love anyone but themselves. So the real question is, if you can't love, then what is it that you want with me?

Remy: Ahh, I keep forgetting about you researchers. You always know more than you pretend to. Love is a desire to be with someone. It's finding the beauty among all the darkness and giving it the attention it deserves. When I see you Veronica, I see that you should be loved. Do you want me to love you?

Veronica: Your explanation doesn't make any sense. This just proves that a Deamhan's concept of love is far beyond what love truly is.

Remy: You researchers say we can't love but I know that I can. I have before.

By now I had enough.

Veronica: I think we're done here Remy.

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