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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Guest Author Leah DW - From South Africa with love


Today on the blog I have fellow South African author Leah DW. As South African Authors, we get to experience things a little different then our American of Euro peers. As far as I could find, Leah and I are the only Paranormal authors in South Africa, yes it’s that epic. Today, Leah will be sharing with you our ups and our downs all the way from South Africa.



From South Africa with love

Being a South African author with an international publisher has its ups and downs. I never thought I would actually publish my work at first. Here in SA it is hard to get the paranormal genre out there so I decided to either find an international publisher or be an indie author. Fans of this genre are more in America and such, not here.

This was one of the downs. I couldn’t be an indie author because of financial problems. Being a student with a job that doesn’t pay that much didn’t allow me to be able to publish my own work. So I looked for a publisher. Another down; I couldn’t afford an agent! I was losing hope and patience until the ultimate ‘up’ showed. I found Bayou Brew Publishing!

They loved my work and wanted to publish it. My dreams came true and I couldn’t believe it. I never thought that this would happen because of me being from South Africa. I write stories that match the market place in overseas countries and am I just ecstatic that I was given the opportunity to have others read what I write.

The one ultimate ‘down’ I have is the fact that I sometimes wish I was in America or the UK so that I can attend author events and meet other amazing writers. I miss out on so much! But I am confident that one day I will be able to travel the world and see all these awesome events and meet other authors.

Because of BBP and my amazing support team, I now have fans from around the globe and now even here in South Africa. It was an awesome moment to become an official author and I am still experiencing it. Seeing that I can achieve my dreams has pushed me to the limits and I am now thinking of publishing a novel right here in my home country. I am so excited and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me!

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