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Monday, December 8, 2014

Book Blast, Giveaway & Interview: The Agency: In the Defendant's Chair by @LynnYvonneMoon

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Book Blast


clip_image002_thumb[1]The Agency: In the Defendant's Chair

The Agency Series

Book Four

Lynn Yvonne Moon

Genre: Fiction - Mystery

Publisher: Koehler Books

Date of Publication: November 2014

ISBN: 978-1-63393-036-0 ebook

ISBN: 978-1-94019-282-6 print


Number of pages: 310

Cover Artist: Koehler Books

Book Description:

Her last memory before falling asleep is the love she feels for her husband and kids. Then she wakes up, confused, dizzy, and sick, and realizes where she is; a courtroom. This is the nightmare and reality of Early Sutton and other women like her across America.

Carrie Clark and Maddie Edwards reunite with The Agency to solve the mysterious murders that are plaguing America. They risk their lives as they travel from coast to coast gathering clues and piecing together a strange puzzle where the pieces don’t seem to fit. In The Defendant’s Chair examines the inner working of our US Government and a secret society as they manipulate the human genome in evil seclusion. In a race against time to save the human race, the women must contemplate both the ethical and moral issues of genetic tampering.

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Author Interview

Did you always want to be a writer?

Did I always want to be a writer? Yes and no. When I was about twelve I wrote a short story. My eldest brother laughed at me and said writing was a waste of time. Never again did I try to write until I was much older. Now I write all the time.

If not what did you want to be?

I started out wanting to be a psychologist. I wanted to help others. But marriage and children squashed that dream and life pulled me into government purchasing where I remain today.

When did you first consider yourself a "writer"?

I finally considered myself a writer when I took my granddaughter shopping this last August. We were in a popular clothing store at the checkout counter when the clerk asked if I wanted to sign up for their rewards program. When I said yes she politely asked for my name. I replied Lynn Yvonne Moon. She stared at me and yelled out... "Are you the Lynn Yvonne Moon?" Everyone stopped what they were doing, the room because super quiet, and they all stared at me. Now I'm wondering to myself if the store had my name and picture behind the counter as a terrorist or something. The clerk then said a few words that changed my world forever. "I recognize you! You write The Agency series don't you. My mom reads all your books!" She then asked for my autograph for her mother. As I'm signing a duplicate receipt for her so she can prove I was actually there, everyone starts asking me about my novels. Three other customers claim to have read my novels and asked when the next one was due out. It was both exciting and eye opening for me. The women said they not only loved my stories but learned something about themselves in the process. Does this mean I'm a writer? I'm not sure... maybe.

How long did it take to get your first book published?

My first three novels are self-published, and therefore only a few months to get them to print.

Do you do another job except for writing and can you tell us more about it?

By night, I'm a professor of Government at the local community college. By day, I work for the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Contracting Officer where I manage the contract for traffic control on the interstates. Daily I am tallying numbers and ensuring the contractor is adhering to the contract requirements. Needless to say, I work two jobs.

What is the name of your latest book, and if you had to summarize it in less than 20 words what would you say?

My latest novel is In The Defendant's Chair. What the scientist are doing with genetic splicing and mixing of human and non-human genes scares me to death. Mixing that fear with the fear of being accused of killing a family brought me to my knees. Imagine what it did to my character Early Sutton?

Who is your publisher? Or do you self-publish?

My publisher is now Koehler Books which is an affiliate of Ingram Publisher Services (IPS). My first three novels I self-published, but now I work with a world-wide publisher.

How long does it usually take you to write a book, from the original idea to finishing writing it?

From concept to print, it usually takes me about a 1-1/2 years. Half a year to dream up the idea and let it float around in my head for awhile, and a year to formulate it on paper.

What can we expect from you in the future? ie More books of the same genre? Books of a different genre?

In the future a lot is coming your way from me. Book five in The Agency Series is currently in the writing phase along with a brand new Sci-Fi Young Adult adventure series. Book 1 of the YA series expected release date is May 2015. Two more novels are currently in the writing phase and will be ready for release in 2016 and 2017. My children's picture book is currently with the artist and I hope that one will be released in the summer of 2015.

What genre would you place your books into?

The Agency Series is classified as murder mystery or Government Conspiracy and the new young adult series is considered Science Fiction.

What made you decide to write that genre of book?

Why would I write within these genres, why it is what I read!

Do you have a favorite character from your book? And why are they your favorite?

In The Defendant's Chair introduces several new characters, but my favorite is Miss Charlotte. And that is all I'll say for now. Otherwise I will give part of the story away. But young Charlotte is a strong female not afraid to fight for what is right in her life.

How long have you been writing? and who or what inspired you to write?

Professionally, I've been writing since 2001. But I've told my children stories their whole lives. It was my eldest daughter who encouraged me to write some of my stories down for others.

Do you have a certain routine for writing? i.e. You listen to music, sit in a certain chair?

With music blaring through earplugs and a computer on my lap, you'll find me sitting on my bed busily adding words to paper. That is my writing realm, the place I find peace, the place I call home.


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  About The Author


Lynn Yvonne Moon is the author of the successful Agency Series, which deals with the implications of unlimited government power and money. She has worked for state and federal government since the 1990’s and uses her extensive personal experiences to captivate her audience with realistic stories of political corruption and black Government espionage.

Her first novel, When Souls Collide, introduces the reader to the ultimate power of The Agency. The second novel, What Rings True, awakens The Agency to the ramifications of never-ending political power. Dysfunctional Bloodline traces the steps of a family serial killer out for revenge. Lynn graduated from Troy State University where she earned a Masters Degree in Government. She currently works for the Commonwealth of Virginia and resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.!/LynnYvonneMoon


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