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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Book Blast, Giveaway & Interview: Love Spirits by @dianacachey

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Book Blast



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What Happens In Venice

Book One

Diana Cachey

Genre: Romance/paranormal.

ISBN: 1481031767

ISBN: 9781481031769

Number of pages: 160

Word Count: 40,000

Tagline: Among the romantic canals of Venice—and oh so many Italian distractions—can a stunning American lawyer and her psychic sister help the Ghosts of Venice solve a hushed-up crime?

Book Description:

Louisa Mangotti is a gorgeous American lawyer and Interpol expert who, after being offered a job working with the international crime unit in Venice, receives a mysterious postcard from the Venetian Ghosts, the ancient protectors of the Republic. But Louisa assumes her bad-boy ex, Matteo, sent it in a quixotic attempt to gain her attention. Louisa may have dismissed the ghosts, but the ghosts aren’t quite done with her.

When the bodies of two glassmakers wash up on Murano Island, the cryptic messages persist. Reluctantly, Louisa calls upon Matteo to help decipher the clues. And before she knows it, a flame that was never fully extinguished is rekindled. Sensing that her sister is in over her head, Barbara Mangotti rushes to the rescue, only to be lured away by two handsome Venetian men.

With time running out, can the two beauties solve a crime that could threaten the city of Venice itself?

Keywords: Chick lit mystery ,Venice fiction, Ghosts of Venice, Paranormal mystery, Contemporary women novels

Book Trailers:

Love Spirits -- Take One

Love Spirits -- ghost story

What Happens In Venice -- A Trinity

Book One, Love Spirits

Book Two, Lagoon Lure

Book Three, Magic Island



Venice kidnapped her. It stole her breath, it made her weep, and she forgave it. This trip was no different. Palazzos flanked the Grand Canal as if playing the role of soldiers obedient to the eyes of tourists who passed in public boats, water taxis and gondolas. These old palaces sparkled on water like porcelain figurines on a glass shelf. A soft breeze rolled across Louisa’s cheeks and it rippled the reflections and transformed the scene. Mesmerized by the magic, Louisa missed her boat stop. No problem, she thought, I’ll find another place for coffee. She refused to drink it alone in her apartment and religiously sipped her brew at one of the little cafes where handsome Venetian men worked. There were many such establishments on her way to police headquarters. When she arrived a few weeks earlier, American lawyer Louisa Mangotti hoped to spearhead the creation of an essential link between Venice police and the rest of the world. But was she leading the department into the future of global law enforcement as she’d envisioned? No, she sat shackled to a desk where she sorted and translated police data because Interpol sent red alerts and formal requests for information in English or French, not in Italian. Therefore, many unsolved crimes remained ignored in the file drawers of the lagoon city, a thriving metropolis and huge tourist destination. And Louisa? Louisa remained bored in a cubicle learning about law and disorder. According to recent updates to her sister, Louisa was focused on everything but international law enforcement anyway:

Ciao Barbara, Remember that lagoon island said to be full of ghosts where patients with the plague were once sent to die? Well many other haunted places exist in Venice too. I don’t believe in ghosts, not like you do, but I am checking out some haunts. I am checking out Venetian men too.

Because Barbara objected, Louisa promised not to explore the haunted island. But didn’t Barbara object to Louisa going to Venice at all this time? Wasn’t it just like Barbara to try to direct everything, even from afar? How much of the seemingly haunted happenings in Venice could Louisa ignore? Blame the postcard, thought Louisa. And as she thought it, a loud bell rang out. Louisa took note. In Italy, it is customary to pause and recall whatever you were thinking when a bell chimes, especially this bell, the one that echoed from the famous bell tower, high above St. Mark’s Square. The massive San Marco bell continued to sound in the serene setting, bang, gong, gong, bang, and it reverberated across the piazza, across the lagoon, to the nearby islands of Murano and Lido. It sounded authoritative and mighty. Every day. For centuries.

Character Interview

LOVE SPIRITS - What Happens in Venice: Book One

Author: Diana Cachey

Character Name: Louisa Mangotti

Character Bio: Voluptuous,  young American criminal lawyer loves adventure, mystery,  men, food, fashion, and especially, Venice!  But I don't always know what or who is good for me.  I speak Italian,  French and some Venetian dialect.  I'm an expert at international law enforcement as well as the secrets and hidden haunts of Venice.  Let me show you some?




Describe yourself what is your worst and best quality?


Best: I'm very spontaneous.

Worst: I'm too spontaneous.


What is the one thing you wish other people knew about you?


I'm emotionally sensitive but always try to fake it like I can take it.


What is your biggest secret something no one knows about?


Read What Happens in Venice, Book Three, Magic Island and you'll find out. Hint: Matteo.


What are you most afraid of?


Losing my independence.


What do you want more than anything?


A palace on the Grand Canal with a walk-in closet full of shoes.


What is your relationship status?


Single and Sexy! 


How would you describe your sense of fashion?


Italian designs, oh those soft creamy leather shoes! 


How much of a rebel are you?


I rebel against the notion that a woman can't live life to her full potential.


What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?


Still working on that one.


What is your idea of happiness?


A room full of loyal friends and a belly full of delicious food.


What is your current state of mind?


Like the weather in Venice, if you wait five minutes, it'll change.


What is your most treasured possession?


My law degree, I proved myself to those doubters.


What is your most marked characteristic?


I’d say it’s my deep set green eyes but Venetians would say it's my long blonde hair.


What is it that you most dislike?


Being told what to do. 


Which living person do you most despise?


Probably my Venetian lover, Matteo. 


What is your greatest regret?


Falling in love with him.


What is the quality you most like in a man?


A big heart. 


What is the quality you most like in a woman?


An ability to nurture her own big heart. 


Who is your favorite hero in fiction?


Athena, goddess daughter of Zeus, from Greek mythology.


Which living person do you most admire?


My sister, Barbara, but don't you dare tell her.


If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?


I wouldn't wear my heart on my sleeve so often.


What is your motto?


A famous Venetian one: Se tu sei non matta, non ti voliamo.

Translation: if you're not crazy, we don't want you here.



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  About The Author


Diana Cachey is a licensed attorney, published academic, and former adjunct law professor. She also holds a BA in English, and while in law school, she was the first female editor in chief of her university’s law review. The author of the novel Love Spirits, she has trained with several New York Times best-selling writers, including Robert Allen, with more than seventy-two million books sold. For more than a decade, Cachey has been traveling to Venice, the setting of her novel, on extended trips several times a year. The caf├ęs, restaurants, and many other haunts of Venice play a prominent role in her sexy paranormal mystery-romance about a beautiful American lawyer guided by the Ghosts of Venice in the investigation of a hushed-up crime.


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  1. Dear Karen & fab readers, I write this from my favorite place -- Venice! There is music playing outside the window in my little campo (small plaza). Venice -- where shadows dance with the heart. Thanks much for featuring LOUISA on your blog & luck to all in her giveaway, signed books & swags with mask charm as well as a charm of the book cover. Love you all, Diana Cachey
    P.S. Would you (or one of your featured authors or readers) like to participate in my ONLINE HALLOWEEN PARTY? All month during October, we present chills, thrills, prizes, sexy supernatural and more for Haunted-Palooza. Let me know, D