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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Spotlight: The Magic Seasons Series by Jacqueline Paige




From Beltane Magic

Book I in the Magic Seasons

Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Available in eformats and paperback

Publisher: Class Act Books

Step into a world of magic and passions....

Take a dash of spice, heat it

Add a flash of magic and watch the sparks fly

Toss in a killer that's targeting women

Add a handful of witches from all paths to stir it all together...

Each were willing to spend their lives alone and safe; until they’re touched by Beltane Magic.

Can they survive their pasts to be together as they struggle to find a killer before the wheel turns again?

Extended Blurb:

Leena is a woman that is gentle in everything, her personality and moods. She always feels maternal with her closest friends and would go out of their way to look after any one of them. Her ability of controlling the elements and knowledge of plants make her magic abilities strong and unbreakable. She is a leader at work and in life, always working hard to keep those around her close, but never allowing anyone to get too close.

To the outside world she is just Leena Duncan, a quiet woman who works a normal job and lived a quiet life.

A few times a year she can openly use her magical gifts at celebrations within a small community of people she calls friends.

Having lived through the horrors that can come from the hands of someone you thought loved you; she decided never loving again would prevent more emotional scarring.

It takes one man at a rainy Beltane celebration to change everything she is comfortable with and one killer to change her safe world.

Owen is a man that reflects humor and cavalier vibrations to others, he is gentle and caring as is his ability to draw negative and heal others. If you didn’t know him, you would never realize he came from violence. Knowing how the real world can be, he has vowed to never put himself into the position, or allow anyone else that could open up the world he has carefully sealed shut forever.

He creates worlds and puts them on paper to entertain others. After years of using his imagination he finds out his friends can do things he thought only his mind created.

For his entire adult life Owen Grey has always played it safe and kept to his own world of writing, never getting too close to anyone.

Having lived a nightmare growing up he would never take the chance of repeating history. He may write about happily-ever-after, but knows it is pure fantasy and doesn’t exist.

Until her . . .

Amazon Class Act Books


Owen found himself placed between Dade and Chris among the drummers. He was caught up in learning the rhythms and watched either Chris or Dade’s hands to pick up the beat. This he found was also a good place to be as the dancers stopped often and danced right in front of the drummers or brought them drinks.

After an hour his arms were tired and he honestly had a new admiration for the men beside him who were still going strong, moving effortlessly from one rhythm to the next.

During a slower beat, he noticed several of the dancers moving through those at the edge of the circle and through the drummers. He watched as the dancers took their wreaths off and placed them onto a male’s head. He was sure the males didn’t realize how silly they looked wearing flowers and ribbons, although when the dancers gave them a kiss, he was also sure they didn’t care how odd they looked.

Kasey paused in front of the drummers and began to weave her way toward them, slowly taking off her wreath. She smiled in a shy, nervous kind of way at the drummers. Neither Dade nor Chris paused in their drumming, but Owen could feel them both waiting to see who she was going to place her wreath on. When she passed Dade and went to Chris, Owen noticed and enjoyed the grin on his new friend’s face.

Chris actually missed a few beats in the rhythm as he raised a hand to place behind her head to receive the kiss. Owen didn’t see steam, but he felt warmer just witnessing their kiss.

He found himself wishing some woman would make him look like an idiot and place her wreath on his head. He turned to watch the same with Doc and Rachel. He was sure Steven was blushing after it, or maybe it was just from the heat of it.

At the point when Cora began seductively dancing her way into the drummers, his heart stopped. She was far too exotic a woman for him to handle, but if she placed her wreath on his head, he would certainly try. He felt like a schoolboy wanting to jump up and say, “pick me,” but he dug deep and found his dignity somewhere.

She passed him by and held the eyes of the man beside him. When she placed the wreath on Dade’s head and leaned her mouth down to his, Owen was sure the sparks that flew between them somehow burned him. In his own amazement, he realized it was a kiss out of a movie that made your heart speed up. Dade didn’t miss a single beat on the drum, though the kiss seemed to last more than just a few moments.

He found himself wishing for mistletoe or a cute puppy, anything that would bring one of them to him. His heart tripped and almost stumbled when he noticed Leena was dancing toward the drummers. He fought the urge of wanting to look around and make sure he was the only one in the area without a wreath on his head but held onto what adult-like composure he had left.

When she stopped in front of him, it was all he could do to not stand and meet her halfway, so he held the drum in front of him tightly and stayed seated. As the wreath touched his head, she smiled a smile that made his insides burn. He reached up to gently guide her head down to his.


The eight stood in a circle around the small fire pit. Outside the shelter, the rain poured so hard it was like a steady, deafening sound. Cora stepped closer to the fire and stared into it. She glanced up and nodded to Leena. Taking Dade’s hand, she whispered, “Let’s hope some ancestors are available tonight.”

Dade lifted her hand and kissed it before he let go. “I’ll make sure they are.” He picked up the shaker sitting in front of him and gently began to shake it from side to side. His lips moved in a silent chant, and he closed his eyes.

Owen watched as Leena and Steven both turned their backs to the circle and faced the pouring rain. Raising their hands, they lowered their heads in concentration. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he’d never have believed someone telling him.

As their heads came up, the wind seemed to continuously circle the shelter and block out the pouring rain. He could no longer see or hear the heavy downpour.

Not knowing what to expect next, he looked back at the others. Chris, Kasey, and Rachel were standing with their hands clasped and staring into the fire as the flames rose higher. The flames were almost white now, and he blinked to make sure it wasn’t just his eyes.

Dade’s motion with the rattle became faster and louder as he moved to stand beside Cora. Her head was thrown back and her eyes closed, and she seemed to be shaking with the rhythm of the rattle. Her eyes flew open, and she stopped shaking to look into the fire. He could see the sweat beading down her face, and her hands trembled. The look on her face told him she was afraid, but she said nothing. She reached empty hands toward the fire, and the flames flew higher. Not knowing what else to do, Owen went to stand behind her in case he was needed at some point.

She stepped back and cried out in fear. He caught up her shoulders and held her tight as Dade instructed him to do. Glancing over her shoulder and into the fire he saw, he wasn’t sure what, images but they blurred together and he couldn’t understand them.

Cora cried out again and sagged back against him. He caught her tight against his waist and held her to his chest. His own chest began to burn. He didn’t know what was going on, but he felt compelled to stop it. “Stop now!” He said roughly.


Leena grasped at his shoulders and wanted to climb right inside him. His mouth was torturing her system with things she hadn’t felt in a long time, and she wasn’t sure she’d ever felt this hot quite this way ever. His mouth offered strength, a path straight to pleasure her body wanted to take. Feeling his hard body press her back against the wall was more than she could handle, and she moaned into his mouth as his hand gripped the back of her head, holding her for his exploration.

She was sure her legs were going to give out at any moment when he softened the kiss and loosened his hold but didn’t release her. His lips brushed lightly against her a few more times before he rested his forehead against hers.

“We better get you back before they come looking.” He continued to nuzzle into her hair.

“Yes, they’ll worry.” Her voice was barely audible. Dropping her hands, she let go of him completely and waited for him to step back.

Letting out a ragged breath, he picked up the sheet and held it out for her to get under it. Walking the rest of the way to her cabin was harder than he thought it would be.

The silence was strained, as if they were both trying hard to keep walking and not stop and continue that.

When they reached, the cabin he quickly pulled her to him again and kissed her so hard and fast it felt like a wave crashing over her. She handed him the wreath and flashlight, then turned to run the last few steps to the cabin.

Owen watched her until she started to close the door, then turned and headed toward the other side of the line of cabins.


He could hear the drums outside as he reached to the bottom of the bag. Closing his hand around the case, he pulled it out slowly.

They had come right to him, their souls screaming to be saved.

He opened the case and with a loving caress picked the knife up from its resting place.

They had come to him knowing of their sins and knowing he could cleanse them. He would not let them down.

Step into a world of magic and passions....

Take a dash of spice, heat it

Add a flash of magic and watch the sparks fly

Toss in a killer that's targeting women

Add a handful of witches from all paths to stir it all together...

Separated by two different life styles yet their passion and magic ignite sparks hotter than the Solstice heat.

Can they work out a way to be together as they try to stop a killer from striking again?



The Solstice Heat –

Book II in the Magic Seasons series

By Jacqueline Paige

Publisher buy link: Class Act Books

Passion and magic that burns

Kasey is a woman that exudes energy and brightness; she is as equally passionate when angry as she is when she’s happy. The energy she carries from life comes through in all her magical workings with spells and stones, giving them great magical strength. She is a dreamer and often wishes she could re-write her own story so that she was charming and sophisticated enough to be with a certain wealthy male lawyer she wants more than anything else.

Chris is a force of strength and experience that is carefully hidden behind the easy mannerism he has adapted so carefully. There is nothing he cannot do where magic is concerned and he has tried all manner of things, whether right or wrong. His fortune has left him wanting for nothing else in life, except the one thing money can’t buy him, the woman he feels too unclean to approach.

Separated by two different life styles yet their passion and magic ignite sparks hotter than the Solstice heat.

Can they work out a way to be together as they try to stop a killer from striking again?

clip_image006Harvest Dreams

Book III in the Magic Seasons series

By Jacqueline Paige

Publisher buy link: Class Act Books

Armed with magic and a plan ...

Armed with magic and a plan for the Lammas festival as a group they are determined to stop the killer from harming anyone again.

With a plan of his own, Steven decides to persuade Rachel that they’re meant to be together.

Rachel is a woman that lives carefree with a buoyant recklessness. She loves being a flirt and has spent many years indulging that side of her personality. Her energy draws others; her character is to protect all those that cannot protect themselves. When she’s not riding on life, she is helping children less fortunate then herself.

Steven is man that gives more than his energy usually allows. He is a highly respected pediatrician that always goes that extra step to ensure all in his care are receiving his utmost attention. He often sacrifices sleep to spend time with his friends, and he can’t seem to help affably chasing the skirt of the one woman that breaks his easy going charm and makes him forget he’s supposed to be the jovial. He hides his strength in body and magic, never letting others know that he is more than the carefree man with everything he needs.

Armed with magic and a plan for the Lammas festival as a group they are determined to stop the killer from harming anyone again. With a plan of his own, Steven decides he’s done waiting for Rachel to see that they’re meant to be together and takes things into his own hands.

Excerpt #1:

When they were well out of sight Steven stopped and looked back towards the cabin.

Chris hissed out a breath as he looked around. “This should be far enough.” He looked at the trees overhead and then to the ground. “How do you want to do this?” He sent him a wary look. “Who are you going after?”

Steven rubbed his jaw. “Not Kasey, she’d just zap my ass and I’d probably have burn marks.” He noted the pride in Chris’s eyes as he tried not to smirk. “I’m going to aim for Rachel or Leena, definitely not Cora. If she so much as made a sound, Dade would thump me into the ground.”

Chris grinned. “And you don’t think Owen would?”

Steven shook his head. “Leena wouldn’t let him.” He let out a deep breath and then held up his hands, palms facing Chris. “Here goes nothing.” He closed his eyes and took slow breaths as he reached deep inside to the magic he held tightly within his body. He felt it climb through him and warm his skin. When Chris’s finger tips touched his, he felt a powerful boost to the magic gathering.

He pictured Rachel inside his mind and focused on her for a few seconds, testing. A heat spread through him as he felt the connection to her aura pass over his own. He searched for the way into her thoughts and felt her mind click open as if he’d turned a lock. Taking a deep breath he concentrated harder.

His hands shook until he felt Chris funnel some of his own power into the sight he was trying to grasp. He could see all of the women and a multitude of colors as they moved around inside the cabin. He could feel nervousness and anxiety. Furrowing his brow his held onto the link as it started to change. He couldn’t sense what it was now, it had somehow changed quickly. It was as if …

A blast of power shot through him and sent him sprawling to the ground. His hands were burning suddenly and it felt like he’d been hit across the head with something made of stone. He opened his eyes slowly and looked up at the leaves on the trees above him. Lifting his head carefully he looked around and spotted Chris lying flat on his back as well.

“We are in a lot of trouble, Doctor.” Chris sounded out of breath.

“Yeah,” he agreed and then turned his head towards the steps coming from the direction of the cabin.

Excerpt #2:

She was pushing back at him, causing burns to bite along his skin. “That all you’ve got, Angel?” He growled. Lifting his hands, palms towards the door, he hissed out a breath and shoved with all of the frustration he felt inside.

He heard her voice cry out in surprise and his magic faltered just long enough for her to fight back. It wasn’t stinging bites this time it was like an explosion that slammed into him and shoved him back hard into the wall across from the door.

He stood there and took a few breaths, trying to regain his focus.

Dade turned and looked at him with his mouth hanging open. “What the…”

Steven shook his head and stepped back over to the door. Chris met his look. Steven clenched his jaw a few times and glanced at him again. “How attached to this lovely door are you?”

Chris shrugged. “Not as attached as I am to the little witch in there I’m going to strangle , as soon as I make sure she’s all right.”

“Good.” Steven stepped back a few feet from the door. “Last chance, Rach. Open the door.” His tone was stronger than he had ever used before.

A brush of air pushed him back a foot. “Fine, we’ll do it that way!” The other men stepped back further as he clenched his jaw and raised his hands towards the door again.

The floor trembled slightly just before it starting to shake violently. He jerked his hands up and the hinges snapped. Sparks flew in all directions as he broke through the magic the protection charm the women had put on it.

Steven lifted his hands and the door flew up a few feet from the floor and then set down on the floor with a thud. He stepped in the door and looked down at the women sitting in a circle. Rachel stood among them panting and looking as mad as he felt. “That was being nice.” He smiled at her glare.

Chris gave him a wide birth as he stepped in and immediately met Kasey’s eyes. She was chewing on her lower lip. He pointed to the spot in front of him. She stood up and walked over to him with her eyes shooting darts at him. “I thought we agreed you ladies weren’t doing anything like this again.”

Cora leaned back against the cushions. “No you men decided, we weren’t really asked.” Dade shot her a stare.

Rachel stepped right in front of Steven. “Cute trick, doc!” He just stared down at her. “You know we would have included all of you if you had a reasonable thought in your heads!”

The floor began to shake beneath them as he glared at her.

She stomped a foot and it stopped immediately. “You need to stop,” she said quietly.

Steven turned and walked from the room, sending the door crashing down the hall with a wave of his hand.


Patrick looked at Dade. “Did you…”

Dade shook his head. “Had no idea.”

Rachel growled and stomped past the men after Steven. Sparks were flying out around her as she went.

“Ah , Chris, I know you want to discuss all this with Kasey , but your home is presently at risk of falling down or burning down.” Owen said quietly as he pulled Leena to her feet.

“Shit!” Chris looked at Kasey and turned running through the door.

“Right behind you.” Dade said on his way past Patrick.

Excerpt #3:

What could she possibly be doing that held this kind of force? He knew the answer as soon as he finished the thought; she was making some soul penance in exchange for Ricky’s health. A gust of anguish shoved against him as he forced his legs to keep going towards the bedroom.

Stopping momentarily to try and take a deep breath as the air crushed against his lungs and threatened to overtake him. Nothing was stopping him from reaching Rachel. Nothing!

He clenched his jaw and raised his hands against the swirling power. Picturing her inside; needing him gave him more than enough strength to shove it back from him. A picture on the wall rocked with the force and crashed to the floor. He stepped over it and glared at the door that held her from his vision. “Rachel!”

He knew she probably couldn’t hear him, knew because years before when the emotions of losing patients threatened to ruin him, he had tried to make a bargain to keep someone from passing. The price was too high in the end and he’d stopped. Part of him knew she wouldn’t stop, she would succeed and he couldn’t live with that.

Shoving his power towards the door, he managed to rock it. He didn’t know if he had enough strength to get through it. Fear swamped him and it held him there, unmoving for moments more than he should have let it. As he raised his head again and felt a rush of steady power flow over him and without turning knew that Chris had arrived. Objects flew past him and the noise of the rushing wind howled around him. Chris was not only here, but he was pissing off the force that Rachel had brought there.

“You have to do it!”

Over the noise, he was barely able to hear Chris yelling only a few feet behind him. Steven hesitantly turned his head away from the door and looked over at Chris kneeling on the floor with his hand held out towards him. His hair was blowing as he held onto the railing with his other hand straining to hold his position at the top of the stairs.

“It won’t let me any closer, Steven! You can get through it.” Each word Chris said sounded as if he were in pain.

It took a few seconds for him to understand but he finally realized what Chris was saying. Because it was Rachel doing it, Steven was somehow protected, but it would eat Chris alive if he pushed any further. He nodded and looked back at the door. A resolve passed over him; he was not giving up Rachel!

Raising both hands towards the door, he placed one foot behind to brace himself against the incredible force the energies had. Clenching his jaw, he allowed the fear and anger run through him, gathering strength he was going to need. He felt his own hands shake with an energy that should have frightened him; ignoring it, he focused on the doorknob and watched as it began to shake.

Another rush of power hit him as he felt Chris trying to help him again. The doorknob snapped and dropped to the floor. Taking a deep breath he rushed forward and smashed his side against the door. It opened, pushing against him so he had to fight to move past it and enter the room. The forces from the spell being cast were suffocating him; he took shallow breaths trying to find enough oxygen.

Moving from the door, it slammed shut, sending him flying against the wall. In the center of the room Rachel knelt, her eyes closed in concentration, her lips moving in a silent chant. She held her hands over a black dish on the floor; he paused on her for a few more seconds and then looked at the items in front of her. He had been right, the symbols on the floor, the incense, and the other tools lying in there all pointed towards what he’d feared.

She knelt there, oblivious to the danger around her as objects in the room swirled around her, closer than he was comfortable with.

Gasping, he caught his breath once more and fought to think of a way to break what she had begun. A dark smoke swirled around her and he wasn’t going to stand there and see if it was getting closer as he suspected it was.

“Rach . . .” A blast of wind hit him and knocked his breath out of him. Wind. He straightened slowly and scowled at the dark mist circling the woman he loved. He was not going to stand there and watch her bind her life force with something like that for anyone, himself included. Fighting to move closer he raised both hands away from his body and focused on the air in the room. He controlled air and wasn’t going to allow some lurking spirit tell him otherwise. Sweat soaked his brow as he stared at the objects moving around the room. It had slowed, but wasn’t going to stop completely.

“Rachel! This is not the answer!” He shouted over the racket.

Autumn Dance


Book IV in the Magic Seasons series

At the autumn gathering twelve angry and determined witches use their power to draw out the killer before anyone else can become a victim.

With his magic ability Dade has control like no other— if he had that in his everyday life he could have the one thing he wants.

Coralee is a woman that represents grace and simplicity. She has the skill of being able to feel emotion, aura and see beyond the now. The pain sometimes associated with this gift has forced her to live her life from a distance. She decided early in life what she wanted, and returned from her years away at school set to obtain her biggest dream. Unfortunately she has found the past few years lacking just that as she waits for the man she wants to stop and look at her instead of every female that throws themselves in his path.

Dade is a man that follows life simply, yet his charitable personality brings him a wealth of satisfaction. He is the first to lend a hand, the last to stay and help and the one everyone calls when something goes wrong. Even though his own generous nature fills his life, he still manages to find time enough to get himself into a mess at every turn and spends most of the time imploring forgiveness from the one sexy voodoo woman he can’t seem to get close to.

Autumn Excerpt

Steven slumped down in the seat as Dade drove them back to Cora’s to unload everything. Closing his eyes he sighed. Sleep! Soon!

“Do you know where I can get a horse?”

He opened his eyes and looked at Dade. “There’s a horse on the list?”

Dade looked at him and frowned. “What? No!”

Steven sat back up. “Should I even ask what the hell you want a horse for?”

Dade smirked. “You said you wanted to see me top all of you guys.”

Steven pinched the bridge of his nose for a second. “And you need a horse to do this?”

Dade nodded. “Yeah, a white one.”

Steven put his head down and chuckled. “Do you even know how to ride a horse, I’m assuming you planning on riding it.”

Dade shrugged. “How hard can it be?”

“Oh! I can’t get in shit for taking pictures this time.” He took a calming breath trying not to laugh again. “I have a patient, well his parents own a horse farm, if you’re serious.”

Dade grinned. “I’m serious.”

He leaned over towards him. “You’re not going to ride a horse into Cora’s house are you?


Owen covered his mouth as he watched his friend hit the ground flat on his back – again. “Why don’t you just rent a buggy?”

Dade turned his head and looked over at him. “It’s not quite the same bro.” He huffed out a breath and looked up and the white face looking down at him. “Just step on me Saddie and save me from this.” He grinned as the horse bent down and nibbled at his hair with her soft mouth.

“I think she’s rather taken with you Mr. Jones.” The small woman hopped down from the fence and walked over to look down at him – again. “This woman is a very lucky woman to have you.”

He grinned up at the little red head. “Even if I’m on a stretcher?”

She laughed and pulled the bridle as Saddie nipped at his hair again. “Saddie thinks so.”

Dade sat up slowly and tired not to groan as he got to his feet again. “She just likes me because I’m her only rider that falls at her feet on a daily basis.” He reached over and ran his hands over the horses neck. Smirking at the tiny woman he sighed. “Help me – I only have until tomorrow and if I can’t lean to the side without falling off - I’ll never be able to pick Cora up into the saddle with me.”

She laughed. “ If she’s as tall as you say – then I don’t know what to do to help.” She patted the horse. “You’ve come along way – you can gallop now without bouncing all over the place.” She watched him push against his lower back. “Okay new plan. We’ll teach you how to slide off cow-boy style – then you can put her in the saddle and get back on.”

He huffed out a breath. “Anything that will keep my ass off that ground would be perfect.”

Owen shook his head as Dade climbed once more into the saddle. He grinned as Dade trotted by atop the tall white horse. “Does the word tenacious mean anything?”

Dade turned his head and grinned at him. “Maybe.”


Winter Mist

Book V The Magic Seasons series

Jacqueline Paige

Release date: March 15, 2013

CLASS ACT BOOKS author page

AMAZON author page

Step into a world of magic and passions....

Take a dash of spice, heat it

Add a flash of magic and watch the sparks fly

Toss in a killer that's targeting women

Add a handful of witches from all paths to stir it all together...

Patrick is a man that has lived a violent life undercover in all the wrong places, for too long. His light charm carefully keeps others from seeing the dangerous man that lies inside. He is the first for justice and will go out of his way to keep the innocent safe. He finds himself falling for the woman that was a victim of a sick and vile person and is caught between keeping her out of harm’s way and completing the job he needs to finish.

Rhonda is a woman that becomes a victim to the vicious attack of a killer. Even though she survives, she will have to learn to live with the scars for the rest of her life. In hiding she has to rebuild the strength to get through it. She is forced to spend her days and nights in the company of a detective, that seems to have no other plan in life than to constantly aggravate her and make her want things she may never have again.

When Patrick’s cover is blown and he is badly injured, the group of friends pull together to keep him and the recovering victim of a killer safe. As a result, the group of twelve become targets of the criminals after Patrick and have to live together in a safe house for Yule.

Can twelve witches follow orders or will they take matters into their own hands?

Excerpt One:

Walt looked around at the three women, then to the giant in front of him. “Who the hell are you and where’s Blaine?”

Dexter shrugged. “He’s not here.”

Walt backed toward the door a bit, pulling Bob with him for cover. He pointed the gun at the large man. “We’ll be going then.”

Dexter shook his head. “I don’t think so.”

Walt shoved Bob as hard as he could toward the other man and reached for the door at the same time. He pulled it open only to have it jerked from his hand and close with a loud bang. “What the...” He spun around and pointed the gun at the man again. Bob was lying in a heap on the floor as if he’d fainted. Idiot.

He pointed the gun at the longhaired woman and grinned. “Walk over here real slowly.” Her eyebrows went up in a look of shock.

“I don’t think so,” she said softly.

The short blonde flung an arm up and growled. “I don’t like you pointing a gun at my friends.” The gun jerked out of his hand and floated toward the big man, who reached out and plucked it out of midair.

He flipped the safety on and tucked it into the waist of his jeans. “You should listen to her friend.”

“What are you people?” Walt looked from the longhaired one back to the short blonde.

“Sexy.” The black haired woman said softly as she stepped from around the man holding his gun. “And slightly irritated because you barged in here.”

Walt stared at her for a second then turned back toward the door.

“Leaving so soon?” She purred. His back was against the wall, his feet not touching the ground. His shocked expression looked down at Rachel, as his heart tried to climb into his throat.



Jacqueline Paige is a world class multi-tasker being a mother to five adventurous and unpredictable children, a cafe manager and having a colossal imagination that allows her to step outside of reality into a world of paranormal romance —with just a touch of suspense.

Jacqueline lives in Ontario, Canada and avoids the ever changing weather of the region she lives in by creating other worlds to fall into in her stories of all things paranormal.

Her first book was published in 2009 and since then has published ten. She is always writing and currently has more than a dozen stories in one stage or another of the writing process.

You can find all of Jacqueline’s books at:

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