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Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Blast, Giveaway & Interview: The Hybrid by @CLMurphyBooks

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clip_image002_thumb[1]The Hybrid

The Wild Clan Sagas

Novel 2

Christine Murphy

Genre: Futuristic Romance

Publisher: KnightFall Publishing

Date of Publication: August 1, 2015

ISBN: 9781311085313


Number of pages: 200

Word Count: 139,328

Cover Artist: Christine Murphy

Short Book Description:

Sara, a hidden Hybrid disguised as a BioGen Monitor, will find an enslaved Justin being experimented on. She will help him gain his freedom and in the process will gain her own. Trust will grow between them and from that trust will blossom a love which will give them the power to escape BioGen.

Long Book Description:

The ruling hiarchy of the known world, BioGen, continues to manipulate the genetics of the human race to try and prevent the extinction of mind-kind. In their meddling to control life, BioGen combines human DNA with alien. Success is achieved and unique females are created and industrially born. The baby girls are surprising in their beauty and abilities, but BioGen, in their need to control and conquer, force the delicate females away from their caregivers. Their only goal is to hone the powerful gifts of the maturing teenagers. In the end, however, they perish one by one because of the uncaring ways of their handlers until there is only one extraordinary woman remaining.

Born part human and part Phoenix, Sara has hidden among the enemy since she was created. Disguised in the appearance of a Nul working for BioGen, she searches for the truth about her creation and the sisters she lost during childhood. During her duties she is assigned to guard and observe scientific experimentation on a man who she discovers is no other than one of the Wilder males.

Captured as a young man while searching for his brother, Justin is forced into service to be one of the highly coveted Companions. Refusing to be broken and used by the Gen female population he is tortured and then used for genetic research. Under the Headquarter's control his very sanity and memory is almost destroyed. Ultimately BioGen will destroy him if he can't find a way to escape back to The Wilds and his family. The fates bring him a breath-taking woman who is the key to both his freedom and hers.

Thrown together in hopeless circumstances, the fated lovers are initially enemies. However, Sara is instantly drawn to Justin and she has no choice but to free him from BioGen's grasp. At first Justin sees her as nothing more than his way to escape but it doesn't take long for him to see the mysterious beauty under the surface of her disguise. Together they find a way to escape from the enemy's Headquarters.

During their run for freedom they will find the most unlikely allies in both Daman, a high class Companion, and Defiance, an underground group of escaped males who just may have their own agenda. Joining the group of criminals is a dangerous consideration, however, Justin and Sara must team up with Daman, who is now leader of Defiance, if they have any hope of reaching The Wilds. In the end there is no choice as BioGen's assembling army begins an all out attack on Justin's family and the Rogues.

In the search for answers and freedom, Sara and Justin's growing trust and dedication to each other will become a flame of passion and love. They will discover the intense love they have for each other makes them stronger than all of the uncertainties and dangers in their life. Sara's gentle caring will allow Justin to trust again and recover his memories. In return, his belief in her will allow Sara to harness her Phoenix abilities. Only the two of them have the true power to save Justin's family and the Rogues who call The Wilds home.

In one great clash of wills at the edge of civilization a great battle will be waged between BioGen's Nul army, the Rogues, and Defiance. In the midst of the conflict and chaos will be two incredible lovers who will do anything to save those they care for. Justin will rejoin his family and give Sara the strength to harness the fiery ability of her Phoenix side in the final showdown. In the end, only the power of love will prevail and ultimately set everyone free.

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At first she refused to look at the inside of the room. Instead, she shoved the door closed and took a deep breath. Finally, she focused in enough so from the corner of her eyes she could see the room was the same, unchanged from the past. Same sterile white walls, white floor, silver equipment with the many wires and probes, and same medical trays with the shiny silver scissors and scalpels. All of it in her mind were instruments of torture. All she knew was she had to get a grip or she would soon be the one on the table being experimented on.

Distracted she nearly jumped a foot when the Gatherer dressed in white surgical scrubs stepped into view and called out, “I’d be careful if I were you. Even though he’s strapped down this male is a fighter, especially with the amount of hormones and drugs we have pumped into him. He’s already taken out two Monitors and several guards.”

Immediately on the alert Sara spun around to face the male. In her mental state she had unintentionally wandered straight over to where the exam table was located. Glancing up her intention was to quickly back off, but the moment she looked at him she was frozen in place. Every cell of her being focused in on what could only be called the most incredible male she had ever seen. Lying on an exam table, which was tilted up at a 45 degree angle, he was strapped down by his feet, ankles, waist, and his head.

Sara couldn’t help notice every inch of his body was hard muscle encased in tanned skin and every inch of that body strained to escape the bonds. The only area remotely covered was his pelvic area and even that was barely a scrap of white material. She had read books, she had seen pictures, she had heard whispers from other Monitors who had been privy to seeing a male of such caliber. Nothing did justice to those words or images to Sara. This man was virile and obviously aroused, she was sure, by whatever cocktail the Gatherer had given him.

Feeling a rare blush creep up to her cheeks Sara had every intention of turning away until she looked into the male’s face. The breath immediately left her as she beheld the most handsome face she had ever seen, which was saying a lot, considering what she had seen before were prime examples in books and on-line programs. Even scowling furiously while he fought to free himself he still was incredible with his thick layered raven black hair and eyes of a multi-hued hazel which seemed to see straight into her soul..

Meeting those eyes, she gasped and the air that had left her lungs rushed in with a vengeance. Her world seemed to upend for a moment in time as the chiseled features of that face registered in her mind. There was no mistaking the strong jaw, the cheeks, the nose, everything that marked this man as one of the mysterious Wilders, the founding family who had rejected BioGen’s requirements. Deep inside she knew she had to do something to save him, but no matter what she did she was damned. Save him and reveal herself, leave him and know he would die.

The fire she had fought to keep deep inside seemed to sense the presence of the man and heat rushed through her system. In a panic, and knowing her eyes were going to change, Sara tried to look away, but something kept her sight glued to the incredible man before her. Coming to her senses she finally managed to lower her gaze but not before the male’s eyes widened in surprise and then narrowed like he had found his own prey to hunt.


Character Name: Saraphina – Known to BioGen as Nul Monitor 0

Character Bio: Sara has hidden for years right under BioGen’s controlling noses as a Nul Monitor who works for the very entity that would destroy her if they knew of her existence - BioGen. Created from the genetics of humans and from a DNA saved from a species of Phoenix aliens that died years before after crashing on Earth she is the last of her kind. In order to survive she uses the unique gifts she was born with to disguise her appearance into a dull brown haired, brown-eyed female Nul. Underneath the mirage of her protective disguise she is so much more. In her natural form she has long deep auburn colored hair that curls at the ends. Her eyes are the color of aquamarine but they will change to hues of gold, orange, and bright white diamond when she uses her fiery ability to protect and survive. She can also heal herself and others to a small degree which comes in handy on several occasions. She is good at heart and will use all of her abilities to discover what her true future holds.

If you can add a dreamcast pic of the character that would be greatJ ATTACHED.

Describe yourself what is your worst and vest quality?

I am Saraphina and I have hidden for years because my caregiver loved me and swore that I was destined for so much more. She died for me when I was but a teenager. I could not save her and felt helpless and angry that I could not defend her. Perhaps my worst quality was that I was too innocent and unable to save her. Anger filled me but that anger helped me to survive while the other Monitors and Guards beat me in their training until I was honed into a fighting machine. I was almost lost in that darkness because BioGen had outlawed any form of true love. I had forgotten what love was until the day I saw Nathan and Crystal together when they were trying to escape. I helped them and since then have held the knowledge deep inside that love is still alive in the world. And my best quality – I am determined and have survived against all the odds and now that I have found a man who strengthens those qualities I will save him.

What is the one thing you wish other people knew about you?

The one thing I wish people knew about me is that even though I am a Hybrid, part alien, and a Monitor I am good at heart. I know they fear me because of what I am but I would never harm them. I only want to use my abilities to save Justin’s family and the Rogues, and maybe the men of Defiance too. I just hope I am strong enough to control my fiery gifts because I am terrified that I might harm someone if I lose control. Justin has faith in me though and I hold on to his belief close to my heart. For him I will persevere and put an end to BioGens destructive abuse.

What is your biggest secret something no one knows about?

I am the biggest secret. To the world I am nothing more than a small, weak Nul Monitor who is not deserving of a designation number. I am only Monitor 0. However, under this plain façade I am Hybrid, unique in every way, part alien Phoenix, and when revealed extraordinary in every way. The gifts I hold are incredible, although I am still getting the hang of controlling them. I can heal, I can create explosively destructive fire, and I can covert energy from one form to another which might help me close the gap in the Boundary Shield so BioGen can’t destroy the Rogues.

What are you most afraid of?

Fear. It seems like I have been afraid my whole life, not of dying, but of never finding that one destiny that my caregiver foretold when I was but a teenager. She said I was destined for greatness. I’m afraid I will never feel the touch of someone loving me again like she did. But now…now I have found Justin and freed him. He is amazing, incredible, and full of passion. I have felt that forbidden emotion love, not only for him, but for the family he loves in The Wilds. They are the Wild Clan and part of the Rogues. I need to protect Justin and his family but I’m terrified that my abilities could harm them or fail when BioGen comes for all of us.

What do you want more than anything?

More than anything I want to be a part of a family forever denied to me. I want to know what it feels like to be a part of and loved by a family. More than that I want to know what it feels like to be loved by Justin. I know he loves me and I know that I love him. I will save him and his family no matter what the cost.

What is your relationship status?

Relationships don’t really exist in the United Nations of States or UNS, what is left of the civilized world. Those who rejected the rules of BioGen and escaped the all controlling government went to The Wilds. BioGen thought they had expelled then into death, but the old Canada is pure and beautiful, and the people who live there have not only survived but lived…and loved. I want that because I have always been alone, never to be loved, or love. But now…I have found Justin and he had found me. We grow closer each day and if I can keep him I will finally be with someone who loves me and I will forever love him. We have a long way to go to gain our true freedom and protect the Rogues and each other from BioGen, but no matter what happens ,I will use my gifts to make sure Justin is with his family again.

How would you describe your sense of fashion?

Such odd questions for a world such as ours. Fashion has never been a consideration for those of my ranking. Only the Gens, who are the higher echelon are allowed the niceties such as fashion because they have the funds and classification. Fashion is their whole life, not just what they wear, but their homes, what they drive, even the children that are created for them. Gens are gifted with perfect complexions, perfect hair, perfect lives. In contrast, Nuls are of the lower working class and simply wear drab uniforms. There appearance is plain, their fashion is plain, their lives are plain. I have blended among them but my true form is anything but plain.

How much of a rebel are you?

As a youth I was protected by my caregiver but when she died I had to adapt and blend in. At heart I was a rebel but could never reveal it. Survival was the only thing that ruled my life until I found Justin being experimented on. He was a true rebel, one of the Wilder family, and one of the Rogues from The Wilds. They had almost destroyed him but with my help he escaped. With a new lease on life I was determined to fulfill my caregiver’s foretelling. The rebel in me rose to the surface and I am determined to use every ability and skill that I have to fight against BioGen and help save Justin, his family, and the Rogues. I am a rebel, I am a Rogue now and forever.

What do you considered to be your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement was helping Justin escape. No matter how injured I was or how close to death I was I didn’t care. Justin was the one person I had to save. It was my destiny. To help him reach The Wilds and his family using every one of my skills was everything. No matter what happened from then I didn’t care. Saving him saved me and set me free.

What is your idea of happiness?

Quite simply becoming what my caregiver had foretold. Someone who would be key in the survival of those who fought against BioGen. If I can make sure Justin is safe then no matter what happens to me I will be happy. Yes, I want to be with him forever because he loves me and I love me. Happiness would be forever being in his arms and feeling the strength of his soul. He is a man of worth and would do anything for me. I can do no other than love him in return with everything that I am.

What is your current state of mind?

Some days I am confused as to what I should do. My gifts of destructive fire can save Justin and those he cares about. At the same time if I don’t learn to control then I could harm him as well. Perhaps once I help him cross into The Wilds I should leave. Inside I know I would die and wouldn’t care if BioGen destroyed me. And yet, I think Justin senses how I am torn because he continuously lets me know he trusts me. He doesn’t believe I would hurt him , and perhaps I should have faith in his belief. It’s so hard, though, to trust in your own abilities. What if I hurt him?

What is your most treasured possession?

Honestly, I don’t have one. I wish I did but I have never had much in my life. Before I met Justin all I had was my small apartment. I had dreams of a beautiful landscape which I now know was The Wilds. I created a small oasis in my bedroom where I had a large painting above my bed which showed a lush landscape of the darkest greens and the most brilliant colors of purples, pinks, turquoise, and every color in between. Above my bed was an intricate, yet delicate, light which held dozens of tiny lights that reminded me of stars in a night sky I could never see. In the city of Denver the lights from the buildings, the streets, the hover lanes of traffic drowned out the peace of the heavenly stars.

What is your most marked characteristic?

Just in would say my long curling dark auburn hair. He talks about it all the time and every moment he’s near me he runs his fingers through the long strands. His caresses feel so good and when he looks at me with his gold and green hazel eyes I could become lost forever. He says he gets lost in my eyes and that they remind him of the purest depths of the ocean. He also says my kindness and determination to survive is incredible. Still, I think I make him worry because he’s not used to me being on the frontline of battle no matter what powerful abilities I have.

What is it that you, most dislike?

Simple. The all controlling, hateful entity that is our controlling government – BioGen. They have an iron fist that controls the very creation of life in their industrial creation of life. Love is forbidden and the classes strictly stay within the lanes of their purposes in life. Anyone going against BioGen is destroyed no matter who they are and they are working to destroy the Rogues who are the very symbol of freedom and love. Dislike is a mild word. I hate BioGen with every cell of my body and will use every skill that I have to stop them.

Which living person do you, most despise?

I’m not sure I despise anyone but the two thorns in my life is the Lead Monitor who takes great pleasure in harming me. She had been there from the beginning killing my caregiver and using me for the training of the other Monitors. She hates me and the fact I have survived and some day she and I will come face to face. The other person I hate is Cassandra. She is a Gen, the Lead Gatherer who has cost the lives of several Sources – women who are of the purest Genetics. Cassandra has her underlings perform harvests that can kill the Sources. She is evil and doesn’t care and one day she must be stopped.

What is your greatest regret?

My greatest regret is not being able to save my caregiver before the Monitors and Guards killed her. I was young, barely a teenager. The day they came to collect my sisters and me BioGen discovered that the caregivers had truly grown to love us. Love was strictly forbidden and so they killed the caregivers. In the end they collected my sisters for experimentation. They didn’t want me because I could disguise myself with the façade of a small young Nul. I was a reject in their eyes but instead of killing me outright they used me for training practice. They tormented me, they hunted me, they hurt me, but in the end I survived and became strong and one of them. Now I will use those skills to stop them.

What is the quality you most like in a man?

Someone who is good at heart. Pure and who will protect what is his no matter how difficult it may be. Justin is a man of that caliber and no matter how many times I have told him to leave me behind when I would have slowed him down he refuses. He loves me and no matter what happens if I don’t go on then neither will he. His heart is pure and his love is awe-inspiring. His family means everything to him and he would do anything for them. He is determined to keep me and make me part of his family. I truly want to be but am afraid of my abilities harming him or them. He tells me he had faith and knows I would never hurt him or them.

Who is your favorite hero in fiction?

My life has never been conducive to just relaxing and reading. Reality is what I exist in, not really any fiction. My hero is Justin. He fights for what is right and for the love everyone within his life shares. He fights for me and lets me know every chance he gets. He believes in me even when I fear I will hurt him with the fire that burns within me. When I’m afraid I will slow him down and risk him he refuses to leave me behind. Justin is my hero and the love of my life.

Which living person do you most admire?

My caregiver who gave her life protecting me when I was young. Justin who has survived so much and who remains pure at heart only wanting to return to The Wilds and be with his family. The Wilders, also known as the Wild Clan, who are loyal to each other no matter what it costs. The Rogues who live in The Wilds with Justin’s family and who fight side by side to protect their freedom, their love, and each other from BioGen. Defiance, who by nature are self-serving, but who have come through to stand by the Rogues in their hour of need in a battle between good and evil. Together we will be victorious against BioGen.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?

To not be afraid of the gifts that I carry within me. There is so much mystery about where I came from as far as the genetics of the aliens that make me. My sisters were experimented on for years within BioGen and in the end they died. Still, they fought to the end and embraced what they were. The records of the experiments that Daman, leader of Defiance, gave me describes what my sisters went through. In those records I found the message that gives me the strength to have faith in what I am. They gave their lives letting me know I was the one who would guide the Rogues to victory against BioGen. I will embrace what I am because I am the one who can save them.

What is your motto?

Protect those you love. Love those you protect with every breath of your being.



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  About the author


Christine Murphy started her writing career at a young age even before she was putting words to paper. Living in the Midwest left her with plenty of time to read and develop her creative mind. Her first short story was written in grade school and was in a fantasy-type style. Later she took an online course in writing and created another story based on the adventures of a Native-American youth searching for her purpose in life and filled with lots of symbology.

Science-fiction fantasy was her main reading preference but quickly shifted to romance. In the beginning she preferred Contemporary Romance but that didn't last long when she discovered Christine Feehan and JR Ward. Paranormal Romance had infected her and she read as much of it as her voracious mind could adsorb.

Eventually Christine joined the work force, and although she continued to read, she didn't pursue her need to create her own worlds other than in her head. Her imagination continued but reality kept her busy including a successful medical based career in the military. Working as a clinical laboratory scientist she was stationed in several locations in the United States and in numerous areas of the world including England, Italy, Germany, Africa, and the Middle East. Finally her career brought her to a small town outside the Tampa Bay area in Florida. This is where she finally realized time is too short to put off those enjoyments in life especially when her husband was struck with leukemia. He successfully recovered but it made her decide she wanted to pursue writing which seemed to be put off her whole life.

Within two years she had completed an entire series - The Sphinx Warriors Series, and started the first book of The Wild Clan Sagas. Currently she continues to write from her Florida home while looking out her back lanai to a small pond where the wild-life gathers and the flowers bloom in exotic pinks and purples. This is her place of peace and freedom she has searched for all her life and where her husband and crazy African Gray Parrot, Raider, hang out with her. It’s the place where her creativity runs wild while she spins tales of adventure and passion. She captures the unique characters, civilizations, conflict, passion, and love in her writing from the fantasies which still spin in her head. She captures the strong, spirited, and powerfully attracted characters and all of their adventures and share it with others who are searching for that very thing to make their lives more exciting.

If she accomplishes nothing else in life, she hopes to share the romantically magical worlds and the lovers she sees with all of the passionate readers out there. Her next projects are continuing to work on her Wild Clan Sagas and her Midnight Riders Series as she partners with KnightFall Publishing and CK Productions.




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