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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hellhound Defined is now available on Amazon–and we have a huge sale!



Hellhound Defined is now available on Amazon, and to celebrate I am having a huge sale on the entire series. Happy reading guys.


Series Sale


clip_image002Book Info -

Title: Kasadya Hellhound Defined

Series: Kasadya, #4

Author: Karen Swart

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Audience: Young Adult 14 years and up

Formats: E-book and Paperback

Publisher: Karen Swart

Cover by: Melody Simmons

Edited by: Blue Butterfly Editing

Date Published: 21 March. 2014

Blurb -

Kasadya: Hellhound Defined (Book #4 of the Kasadya Series)

For centuries his only reason for existence was to destroy evil. But when he finally found his mate, that all changed for the deadly Chax De Luca. When the hellhound Kasadya captured his heart, he surrended it to her, thinking he’d finally found what he’d been looking for. Little did he know that his mate would sacrifice herself to save them all.

His fury is legend. His wrath, merciless. His love for his mate, undeniable. He’s going to hell to retrieve his heart, and if that means that he must destroy hell itself, then so be it.

Kasadya awakes to a world in peril, her mate forever changed, and a war filled with evil creatures intending to enter Earth’s realm and destroy all that she holds dear. Can she complete her divinity in time to save her loved ones and mankind? Will she have to choose? Or will all be lost in the final battle?

The final battle is here, and with it, secrets are revealed and worlds are changed forever.


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