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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Blast, Giveaway & Dreamcast: The Chosen by Kristin Clark


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clip_image002Title: The Chosen
Author: Kristin Clark
Genre: Fantasy / Urban Paranormal
Audience: Young Adult
Formats: E-book, Paperback
Publisher: Anchor Group
Cover By: Katie Cowen
Editor: Melissa Ringsted and Christine Lairson
Pages: 248
ISBN-10: 0615957870
ISBN-13: 978-0615957876
Date Published: January 21, 2014

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Chloe Caledone is a typical High School Senior counting the days until graduation when she can finally escape her boring small town life and experience the world.  She has purposefully managed to go through life unnoticed, and has only seen the world through other’s eyes.  On her eighteenth birthday, Chloe, awakes to a complete surprise, unaware that she has been Chosen and is the Descendant of the most powerful bloodline in history. Chloe will now embark on her true life’s destiny turning her world upside down with secrets, lies, danger, and an unanticipated love triangle, while she and five other Descendants of the original Chosen, fight to destroy a dark and powerful immortal.
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Drake got up from the table and walked over to me, putting my face between his hands as he always did. I looked sternly into his eyes.
            “Chloe, I love you more than life itself. I will do everything in my power to get your life back to normal, but you have to trust me. I can’t tell you just yet. It is better this way, I promise. I will leave you alone so you can try to gather back some of your normal life again. There is no place for me in your world. I want you to be happy and safe. I promise I will make it better for you from a distance. This will all be over soon, and then you can get on with your normal, teenage life.” He was adamant; I could see that. I didn’t want to let him go, but I couldn’t handle anymore than I already had.
            “Why can’t you just tell me what you know? How can you say you love me but want to leave? I want you – all of you. Please don’t do this. We belong together. I know it, and you know it.” I was crying on the outside and screaming on the inside. Why wouldn’t he fight for me?
            “You deserve so much more than I can give you right now. Please don’t make this any harder than it already is.” Drake wouldn’t look at me in the eyes anymore.
I knew him well enough to know that meant he didn’t want this. It was hurting him and killing me. I did have feelings for Ethan, but they didn’t compare to the burning flame that was inside of me for Drake.
            “Look at me, please. We can make this work; I know we can. When this is all over, we can be together and be a normal couple.” I grabbed his face and pulled it toward me. “Promise me you’ll come back for me. I don’t care what it is you have to go and do, just promise me, Drake. Say you’ll come back.” I couldn’t talk behind the tears anymore. I closed my eyes and prayed through all the tears. He kissed me on my forehead and lifted me up to face him.
            “Chloe, if it is at all possible, I will come back for you. You know that. If I don’t, it is because I am not able to.” The look in his eyes when he said that sent chills through me and turned my stomach upside down. I knew what he meant now. He had been trying to tell me all along. If he couldn’t, it’d be because he was not able to. If he was not able to, that means he was not alive. I burst into tears in his arms. “I want you to live a long and happy life without me. I would prefer it to be with me, but you can go on without me. I always told you I would never let you get hurt. I will die for you, if there is no other way. If it means you are safe and protected, than that is what I will do.” His bravery was unbelievable. “Chloe I will destroy Aden. I won’t stop till it is finished.”
            “I won’t let you die for me.” I watched his expression change from pure menace to upset and slowly back to the kind, caring Drake I had known.
            “It has to be this way. Please just stay here where you are safe. Don’t go out there and do anything that could get you killed. I promise it will be over soon.” He kissed me.
            “I love you,” I whispered.
            “I love you more than you could ever know.”
With that kiss, we said good-bye. I memorized his face and burned it into my memory. I felt that would be the last I saw of him. The feeling in my heart told me so, but it wasn’t him that wasn’t coming back; it was I.


“Are you okay?” A voice asked from across the room.
I jumped, startled, although I knew almost instantly it was him. I sat up on my bed and looked across the room to see Drake standing next to the white and gold drapes that hung delicately across the balcony window. It was dark besides the tiny desk lamp that I had turned on earlier.
I stared for a moment. He had black pants on and a black t-shirt that outlined every muscle in his tight body. I would not have seen him blended in with the darkness had he not said anything. His green eyes were all over me. I felt embarrassed having nothing on but a robe and my soaking wet hair dripping water down my back. I dropped my head down to look at the floor. A tear escaped my eye and fell onto the cherry wood floor. The sobs, came and I buried my face in my hands.
Drake was in front of me on his knees in seconds, consoling me. He wrapped his arms around me and stroked my hair. I couldn’t stop the tears. They just kept coming. I had no idea why. Maybe I was emotionally drained from everything that had happened, or perhaps it was my fear and panic of this death that seems to await me in my dreams and Olivia’s visions. I am not one to cry in front of anyone, but Drake held me comfortably in his arms. I let my hysterics out and managed to pull myself together after a few minutes. He still had me in his strong arms, rubbing my hair, not saying anything.
He understood it was something that had to be done, and I would finish it. That was one of the reasons I was falling in love with him. Besides being so understanding, we could have a full conversation with each other without any words. He could look at me and know, and I could look at him and know. He knew I needed to do this, and that this cry was long over due, and that all he was supposed to do was hold me. No advice; no talking. Just be there.
Finally, I looked up at him. He kissed me on my forehead and placed his hands around my face wiping the tears away without saying anything at all. He kissed my lips hard and passionately. It was a long awaited kiss and the release of a day’s worth of anticipation.
“Chloe, I … ” I put my finger up to his mouth to quiet him. I didn’t want to hear anything but the sound of our breathing. He kissed me again, sitting down on the bed next to me. I climbed up onto his lap and wrapped my arms around his neck. I took control and kissed him hard, gripping his hair in my hands and running my fingers through it. I couldn’t get enough of him or close enough to him. I was never satisfied when I was with him. I wanted every single part of him.
He gave in grabbing my waist and legs while still kissing me. We never took our eyes off of each other. He stood up and carried me around to the side of the bed, and laid me down. He pulled his shirt off and my jaw dropped at how magnificent his naked body looked. I never imagined being so stunned by his beauty. It drove me wild. He climbed on top of me, his hand sliding up and down my leg while he placed kisses all over my neck. The tension was unbearable. He slipped his hand underneath my robe sliding it slowly off my shoulders as he kissed them. My hands were all over his back, nails slightly digging in out of frustration and eagerness from wanting him so badly. I gave up fighting the urge to move slowly like a good girl and unclasped his belt, and slid his pants off with my feet. He smiled underneath our kiss. He untied my rob, removing the little bit of fabric left covering me, and slid it off, sending chills through me. It joined his pile of clothes on the floor. He stopped and stared into my eyes. My heart was beating erratically.
“I don’t want to lose you,” he whispered.
“Then don’t,” I replied kissing him.
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(Chapter 1 – Chloe driving to school and first sees the other Chosen)
(Chapter 2 when Chloe meets Drake for the first time)
(Chapter 2-3 Chloe on her way home and has run in with Aden and the other Chosen find her and take her home.)
(Chapter 3, Chloe’s dream)
(Chapter 4 – Chloe enters library and reads her passage for first time)
(Chapter 6 end – Chloe and Drake scene in woods till end of chapter)
(Chapter 7 – ride to the airport)
(Chapter 9 – Chloe and Drake in the hotel)
(Chapter 9 - On their way to find Ethan)
(Chapter 10 - Driving back from battle to get Ethan)
(Chapter 11 – Drake and Ethan fight at hotel/drake and chloe together)
(Chapter 13 – Drake and Chloe taking a walk and then talking in the woods)
(Chapter 17 - Ethan kisses Chloe)
(Chapter 18 – Dance/Drake leaves Chloe – beginning of 19)
(Chapter 20)
(Chapter 21- End)

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clip_image009Kristin is a country girl from Texas currently residing in Smithsburg, Maryland with her three beautiful daughters and a spoiled rotten dog.  She holds a degree in Paralegal Studies and has been a Paralegal for seven years. She is currently pursuing her degree in Nursing and Healthcare Management at University of Maryland.  She sticks by her favorite teams in her favorite three sports, Orioles, Redskins, and the Caps. She is an avid reader who considers herself old school, preferring a paperback over e-book version.   As a Pices with a passion for writing, she loves to escape reality and dive into her characters world. The Chosen is her first novel in The Chosen Trilogy published by Anchor Group and she has several other novels in progress.
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